Credit Card Rolls 57 x 40 x 12.7mm Core BPA Free Boxed 10s - TRW246
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Credit Card Rolls 57 x 40 x 12.7mm Core BPA Free Boxed 10s

Product Code: TRW246

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Product Specification

Product Code:


Product Dimensions:

57mm x 40mm




57 x 40 x 12.7mm Core Credit Card Rolls BPA Free Boxed 10s

Compatible With:

Sagem Monetel, Sagem MONETEL EFT930, Ncr Stream 20, Bixolon SPPR200, Bixolon SRP-R200, Gemalto Magic 3, Gemalto Magic 3X8, Gemalto Magic 5100, Gemalto Magic X 1000, Handepay iCT250, Handepay Ingenico EFT30 G, Handepay Ingenico EFT930G, Handepay iWL200/iWL220/iWL250 With Round Back, Ingenico Aqua, Ingenico Bio 930, Ingenico Desk 5000, Ingenico EFT 930 (All Models), Ingenico i5310, Ingenico i7310, Ingenico i7910 +, Ingenico ICT 200, Ingenico ICT 220, Ingenico ICT 250, Ingenico Ingenico / Fortronics 7700, Ingenico iPP350, Ingenico iWB Bio, Ingenico iWL200/iWL220/iWL221/iWL222 (With Round Back), Ingenico iWL250/iWL251/iWL252/iWL280 (With Round Back), Ingenico iWL280, Ingenico iWL2xx With Round Back, Ingenico Move 5000, Ingenico Sagem iCT200, Ingenico Sagem iCT220, Cardnet EFT930 BCC, Cardnet EFT930 GCC, Cardnet ICT 220, Cardnet ICT 250, Cardsave EFT930, Cardsave ICT 200, Cardsave ICT 220, Cardsave ICT 250, Hsbc EFT930 G, Hsbc EFT930 SEM, Hsbc iCT220 With Round Back, Hsbc iWL220 With Round Back, Lloyds Cardnet EFT930 BCC, Lloyds Cardnet EFT930 GCC, Lloyds Cardnet ICT 220, Lloyds Cardnet ICT 250, Payment Sense iCT250, Payment Sense iWL200/iWL220/iWL250 With Round Back, Payzone Ingenico EFT930, Payzone Ingenico iCT220, Payzone Ingenico iWL251/iWL252 With Round Back, Spire SPg7, Spire SPW60, Spire SPW70, Streamline 5100, Streamline ICT 250, Streamline iCT200, Streamline iCT220, Streamline IWL250 (40mm Roll), Streamline iWL250 With Round Back, Streamline IWL252, Streamline VX670, Streamline X1000, Transax iCT220, Transax iWL221/iWL222 With Round Back, Transax VX-520 Color, Transax VX-520 Contactless, Transax VX-670, Transax VX-680, Verifone 3740, Verifone OMNI 3740, Verifone VX 675 With Round Back, Verifone VX-520 (40mm Roll), Verifone VX-520 Color, Verifone VX680, Worldpay iCT250, Worldpay iWL250 With Round Back, iBT 8000, Pax S90, Pax S90 bio, Barclaycard EFT930 (All Versions), Barclaycard ICT 220, Barclaycard ICT 221, Barclaycard ICT 222, Barclaycard ICT 250, Barclaycard IWL 200, Barclaycard IWL 251, Barclaycard IWL 252, Barclaycard IWL 280, Barclaycard IWL220 (40mm Roll), Barclaycard IWL250 (40mm Roll), Axalto X10, Global Payments EFT930 G, Global Payments EFT930 SEM, Global Payments ICT 220, Global Payments IWL220 With Round Back, Global Payments iWL250 With Round Back, NetPay iCT220, NetPay iCT250, NetPay iWL220/iWL250 With Round Back, Paycell EFT930, Sage Pay VX510, Sage Pay VX670, Sagem Matsu EFT930, Stream 20 Stream 20, XLN Telecom iCT220

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